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The food sector is heavily dependent on the services provided by hotels, restaurants, and the hospitality industry, which are the largest consumers of plastic spoons. For them, we manufacture biodegradable edible spoons and have suppliers or distributors all over India.

Edible spoons are eco-friendly spoons that are good for consumers’ health and the environment. When we use environmentally friendly spoons like Edible spoons, we are helping the environment by reducing waste and eliminating plastic from it.


Our mission is to eliminate the usage of single use cutlery like plastic cutlery, and to replace them with Bio-degradable Edible cutlery.


To be a world class manufacture of quality products at affordable prices and to maintain sustainable long term growth in industry.


We add excellence in whatever we do. In addition to that we add innovaton, business ethics and environmental friendly.

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Chennai Trade Expo 2022

Our successfull stall pictures in Chennai Trade expo conducted on September-2022. 

We Deal With Various Quality Organic Products!

You can enjoy tea on-the-go with our Edible Tea Cups

Edible Tea Cups

Snaps of college students enjoying the Tea time with Edible Tea Cups

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